This week……..

This week has been a terrifically positive one for the Foundation with two really positive steps forward now confirmed.

Firstly, our internationally acclaimed library will re-open its doors to the general public on Wednesday 26th September at midday. Initially general opening will be restricted to one day per week but, as is the case now, we will be happy to make arrangements to suit researchers with time sensitive queries. During the last eight months we have managed to help nearly every reader who has asked for research assistance within a specific time frame.

Not only are we re-opening we are adding to the library collections all the time. We received two generous donations including a fascinating glimpse into the archive of the Monotype Corporation and their relationship with Eric Gill. We will be publishing images as soon as we have finishing collating, conserving and cataloguing these gems. The other outstanding addition is a large archive from the Sun Engraving Co. We still have a LOT of boxes to unpack but we will keep you up to date. Watch this space……

The second piece of news, which is equally exciting is that the Foundation has a licence to hold civil marriage and civil partnership ceremonies. Our stunning rooms will make an ideal venue, something that little bit different, a little extra special, all in the heart of London. The licence was issued today so who’s going to be first?


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