The Brideian October 1927

Today I was shown the ‘Brideian’ which was the in-house journal of St Bride Foundation and I found it very interesting to read because you get a little glimpse of what life was like in the Foundation in the 1920s.

Pictured below is an article I found in the October 1927 edition called ‘A Lunchtime Wander’ and I thought it was very insightful and something we can all probably relate to because I think we sometimes forget what a beautiful city we live and work in; although today we have a lot more than a ‘telephone bell’ to get away from!

And finally throughout the journal there are random little bits of humour and I thought this one was quite good…

James: “Father, what are ancestors?”

Father: “Well, my son, I’m one of yours. Your grandfather is another.”

James (innocently): “Then why do people brag about them so much?”


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