Shakespeare comes to St Bride

Today sees the opening day of an exhibition of 82 bindings from the Designer Bookbinders competition at St Bride Foundation. Designer Bookbinders society, which aims to preserve and improve bookbinding, has been a world leader in the craft for over 60 years.

The exhibition runs until September 20th 2013. After this, the pieces will tour Europe before being transported to Japan, where they will remain until 2015.
‘William Shakespeare’ was the theme that competition entrants had to work to; entrants could chose any of his works, or works about the man himself. To complete this task, the highly skilled competitors tended to use traditional materials such as leather, vellum and wood, although modern materials and techniques were not completely forgotten.


Dominic Riley from the UK took first place and the £10,000 prize on offer. Mark Getty, chairman of Getty Images, sponsored the prize in honour of his father, a collector and advocate of the craft of hand bookbinding.

Bodleian Library Publishing has released a full colour catalogue ‘Prize Volumes’ to accompany the exhibition, which illustrates the work of all 255 entrants.

The exhibition will be open from 10am to 6pm at St Bride Foundation.



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