Partnering the Foundation


With austerity measures and spending cuts happening on an unprecedented scale, government funding for arts is virtually impossible to gain. In order to keep our archive of artefacts, original typefaces and publications alive, St Bride Foundation has launched an initiative to enable you to help us.

The Print Heritage Partner scheme is designed to help preserve the history of print. We are a registered charity (no 207607) and all donations go towards the continued to running of the building and all its resources.

By becoming a Print Heritage Partner, you’re backing one of the largest historical print resource centres in the world. Print Heritage Partners have the right to use the PHP logo throughout their marketing materials, and also receive early invitations to the wide range of events held here at St Bride Foundation.

We offer a whole range of services as well as our vast library: from conferences, events and weddings to print workshops teaching the skills of the Adana and wood engraving, we’re doing our best to provide a valuable resource to the print industry and beyond.

If you would like to display your commitment and become a partner, a £500 donation is all it takes. For more information, contact Glyn Farrow, chief executive, at


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