Marketing For Marketers: what you missed

September 4th saw Print Week and St Bride Foundation team up for another ‘Breakfast Briefing’. The schedule of the day included four speakers from varying areas of the industry, networking time and even a couple of bacon sandwiches.

There were five speakers in total, each with differing views and approaches to marketing. Stuart Kellock, of Label Apeel, took us through the successes and failures of three marketing campaigns that he has conducted. The presentation included stories of sending cardboard tubes with an apple inside and making sure any promotional materials used were larger than the bin!

Andy Davis, of Tangent on Demand, discussed their ‘I (Heart) T/OD’ rebrand. This was a campaign in which the company targeted different agencies using strategies such as having a Tuk Tuk serving coffee outside of five separate agencies in order to get potential clients to engage with their brand.

Thanks must be given to Print Week and HP for putting on a top morning’s worth of learning and discussion as well as a big thanks to the staff at St Bride Foundation for some great food in a beautiful venue.


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