A Short St Bride Summer Summary

This summer things have been chock-a-block with events, conferences, theatre productions and everything else that happens here on a day-to-day basis at St Bride Foundation.

The Bridewell Theatre has seen James Bond pirouette on stage as a part of ’00 And His 7′, where – as to be expected – he saved the day and got the girl as well.

The Lunchbox Theatre baton has been taken on by Interrupt the Routine, who will be performing ‘The Misfits of London’: a comedy about our nation’s capital post-war. ‘Misfits’ will run from the October 15th to November 1st, starting at 1pm.

On the library front over the past couple of months, we have had a series of speakers and talks: Stories from the Fold was clearly a booming success as our Twitter feed went wild throughout and after the event.

We also have Sam Roberts from Ghost Signs (@ghostsigns), coming to talk to us about his passion for hand painted signs on 20th November.

At St Bride Foundation there is always something going on. Our printing workshops could be a great present for someone special and, after learning a new skill, you could head downstairs for a drink: even the bar, with a swimsuit dryer designed by Charles Dickens, is steeped in history.

For more information on any of our events, find us at www.sbf.org.uk, or on Twitter.


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