Strict Guidelines for Festival Font

In 1951, as part of a bid to boost national morale and celebrate how the nation had recovered after World War II, the Festival of Britain was conceived. The event was a celebration of British engineering, entrepreneurship and science, where even the typography was planned with meticulous detail.


Here at St Bride Foundation we have the style guide that was distributed to the architects and designers that created the event. The main font used throughout the festival, which is in the display-lettering booklet, is called Festival of Britain Italic, and is based on Egyptian Slab Serif.


This typeface was later utilised by the beer brewer Watneys in its branding and communications.


One thought on “Strict Guidelines for Festival Font

  1. Not quite — the font Watneys used was an evolution of Caslon Two-Line English, and was made to order by the Design Research Unit.

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