The Procession of Animals

Free tickets to events are usually a treat, so it is no surprise that these 18th and 19th century prints were snapped up, purchased on the cheap and were considered the historical equivalent of a VIP Beyoncé ticket. Unfortunately for any happy punters that paid for these tickets, all they bought was a piece of paper and a lie on 1st April. There were, however, a couple of smaller giveaways on the tickets, so we shouldn’t feel too sorry for anyone who might have been conned by this trick.


‘The Procession of Animals’, to be fair, does sound like a fun day out – after all, seeing the penguins at the Zoo is not one to turn down. This ticket wasn’t noticeably outrageous, apart from the secretary’s name – ‘J C Wildboar’ – who could very easily been someone destined to work with animals.


Our second ticket of non-legitimate origins is one that allows the holder entry to Crystal Palace and the gardens. Another nice day out, in the grand scheme of things – shame it was another scam. The main clue on this piece is the name of the secretary – ‘A. Nidiot’ – a fairly obvious giveaway. For any eagle-eyed detectives out there, entrance to the palace is through the ‘Egress Gate’; I don’t think entering through the exit would be particularly easy.


Ticket number three, if real, would have granted you passage on a boat trip to the Nore sand bank and back. Sounds like a peaceful day out, but this is another obvious trick. The captain, ‘Samuel Asinus’ [Latin for ‘Ass’], probably wasn’t capable of sailing a rubber dingy; as the steamer itself, if you believed that it existed, you might have been more than a little bit gullible.



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