Monday Morning Chaos


Is the alphabet just too uniform for you? Are you a fan of something a bit more bespoke? As per usual, our mystical Room 19 can cater for you.

An American by the name of John Franklin Earhart created Chaostype – a patterned print effect made from molten type metal.

The alloy, a combination of lead, antimony and tin, would is poured into a slightly damp tray. As the hot alloy hits the surface water, it evaporates. The air bubbles rise to the surface, leaving unique organic patterns in the alloy, which are left to solidify.


Once in a solid state, the alloy – complete with the ‘Crunchie honeycomb effect’ – would be cut into strips and often used for borders.

Earhart patented the process, however, it was also used by certain British ‘Art’ painters, such as Raithby-Lawrence of Leicester.


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