Guess who’s back?


After a slight logistical hitch, lunchbox theatre at the Bridewell is back with a strong programme for 2014.

First up, on the 25th March, will be the Faction Theatre Company performing ‘Shakespeare’s Lovers’, a selection of Love scenes taken from the plays and sonnets of the bard himself. It will run from 1pm each day from Tuesday to Friday until 11th April.

From first kiss to dying breath, our intrepid couple demonstrate what to do if a lover yells your name off a balcony, gets drugged in a forest, starts wearing her brother’s clothes, or kills his boss.

If all this wasn’t persuasive enough, this is what Time Out London said of The Faction’s last show, Canterbury Tales: “The audience is soon lapping up the fast-paced, witty performances […] What better way to spend your lunch break?”

Prepare your sarnies, book your tickets and we shall see you at 1pm on the 25th March!


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