A tout’s golden ticket

If you made your living from reselling tickets to punters in any age, these tickets would have made your day.

The Royal Albert Hall opened on Wednesday 29th March 1871 and at St Bride we have three tickets, of varying importance to the event – it’s just a shame that opening night was 143 years ago!


Our first ticket, admittedly, wouldn’t have been much use to a tout. The ticket itself was printed from an engraved copper plate onto the finest vellum, with the name Mr. Robert Hudson hand-written. We believe he was probably the deputy lieutenant for the county of Surrey, so he may well have been an important guest at the opening.

Our other two tickets aren’t quite so unique. Block C seat 171/172 would have placed the lucky attendee in the middle of the hall, luckily for them not quite up in the gods. Any self-respecting ticket tout would be able to turn some serious profit on these beauties…




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