Africa Boards

Aiding the preservation of creative works is at the core of what we do at St Bride Foundation, so we are delighted to play host to a unique exhibition that looks to raise money to help conserve important works of art in Ethiopia later this year.

Running from 10am – 6pm each day from 24th September to 12th October, 35 fellows and licentiates of Designer Bookbinders will present 255 x 180mm boards with an African flavour. These are contained within a unique tulip and oak case, creating an ‘exhibition in a box’.

Africa boards


The boards will feature a variety of traditional techniques, from gold tooling to leather inlays, while the different boards use materials as diverse as vellum, leather, perspex and wood.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate some of the methods being used by modern bookbinders and a fantastic way to raise funds for a worthy cause, ensuring that certain historical Ethiopian artefacts are maintained and protected for another generation. Make sure you don’t miss out – put this event in your diary now!


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