Theatre at the Bridewell Centre: Nicola

‘Nicola’ returns to the Bridewell Centre after a month-long hiatus, bigger, better, and… in the evening. We interview writer and actress Lily Lowe-Myers about the inspiration for the musical, and what viewers can expect from the well-received theatre piece.

Lily Lowe-Myers

What is the synopsis of the play?
Nicola goes next door to feed her neighbour’s cat and there she meets another woman. She learns a lot more about her own life, and both their lives are changed forever.

What inspired the play?
Having been through similar experiences of being cheated on and being the ‘other woman’, without realising it until afterwards, I wanted to explore both sides of the coin through the characters of Nicola and Felicity and their relationship with each other.

We wanted to create a show that was about these two women and wasn’t about them in a screaming match or hating each other for being the ‘other woman’ in the relationship. We wanted to portray that, actually, they could scream at each other but then find a way through it, and both of their lives change, in a positive way, through the interaction they have.

And the characters?
Nicola is a kind of moniker of mine and Robyn’s (who plays Nicola and is Lily’s production company co-founder) mixed roots. She’s an ordinary girl next door daring to dream bigger, and I think everyone can relate to that.

Felicity, whom I play, is inspired by a young woman I met who had been in a very abusive relationship with her mother and she tried to find her way through it not to repeat her mother’s actions.

How are the crew preparing?
In the weeks leading up to our performance we meet and rehearse. We talk through it, film it and watch it back. On the actual day, the cast will meet together, and as we’re all Buddhists, we’ll chant for the success of the show and for inspiration for everyone. And then we do weird and crazy vocal warm-ups.

What can the audience expect?
They can expect incredible music and songs by composer Omar Shahryar. It’s dark, funny, uplifting and has a few twists and turns along the way.

Nicola will be showing on Thursday August 28th at 6:00 pm and Friday August 29th at 7:30pm. Tickets available now from St Bride Foundation reception.
For more information please visit:


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