Fleet Street Apocalypse – Stanley Donwood’s Limited Edition Prints.

As we embark on another year at St Bride Foundation, the team are busy planning an array of events to ensure that 2015 will be an even greater year than the last. Whilst this has been going on, there’s been some activity around our online shop, reminding us of a very exciting project that happened here back in 2008 with Stanley Donwood.

dan and press


Stanley Donwood (the pseudonym of artist Dan Rickwood) is perhaps most widely recognised for creating the artwork for Radiohead’s records and posters. This creative partnership officially began in 1994 after Thom Yorke, lead singer and Dan’s friend since they met at The University of Exeter, asked the artist to illustrate the cover for My Iron Lung.

dan inking

Among the vinyl record sleeves and posters, Stanley has been behind a number of other creations. One of these, titled London Views, is a series of fourteen prints that depicts famous areas of London being taken over by smoke and fire. In 2008, Stanley came to St Bride Foundation to create large, limited edition prints of the very landmark where we are located, Fleet Street.

running bed in

Printing was seen by Stanley as an opportunity to create large scale works and consequently deliver a greater impact. The vision is also entwined with a personal goal of St Bride Foundation, which is to preserve the printing heritage of Fleet Street.

The print was made from two sections of linoleum, each made to fit our Albion Press. The individual halves were then printed seperately. Aligning the two halves was achieved by creating pinholes in the first printed sheet and then using these holes as a guideline for the second part. A benefit from this technique is that each print is unique with a single one being ever so slightly different to the other.

dan and presses

dan examining print

There are still a few of these limited edition prints left on our online shop here. We hope to have many more projects such as this in the future.